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Fullerton College Library

English 103 Flores/Ream Fall 2019

A course guide for Prof. Flores English 103 class (Fall 2019)


This online subject guide was designed to assist students enrolled in English 103 with Prof. Flores (Fall 2019). Here you will find helpful links to Library databases, books, eBooks and websites.

This guide is not meant to be a substitute for the research guidance provided by the Fullerton College Librarians. If you need further assistance finding research for your assignment, please book a personalized instruction session with a Librarian.

If you come across resources in the Library, or outside Internet materials that you think would enhance this guide, please contact the Fullerton College Librarians. If we review the resource and find it both useful and credible, we will add it to the guide.

Instruction Session Objectives

By the end of today's session you will know how to:

  • Use OneSearch Tool
  • Email articles from databases
  • Use Cite tool in databases for MLA format
  • Request research assistance

Today's Activities