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Fullerton College Library

History 171: Ashenmiller/Ream (Fall 2020)

A research guide to assist History 171 students with their research projects during the Fall 2020 semester.

Scholarly v. Popular Resources and Peer Review

About Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Sometimes also called scholarly journal articles, these are materials located in databases such as EBSCOhost and JSTOR.
  • Peer-review refers to a process by which submissions to scholarly journals are reviewed by experts in a field for accuracy and legitimacy.
  • Peer-reviewed articles typically contain very detailed scientific studies, and no advertisements or unnecessary images.

Evaluating Information on the Internet

WHO put the information on the Web?

  • Authority – What are the author’s qualifications for writing about this subject?

Domain – Check the web domains to see the type of website/webpage.  Commonly used web domains are:

  • com – commercial business
  • .edu – educational institution (i.e. a college)
  • .gov – U.S. government agency
  • .org – U.S. nonprofit organization

WHAT kind of information does it provide?

  • Objectivity – Is it a blog or a personal website? Is the information biased?          

WHEN was the information posted?

  • Currency – Is the site regularly updated and maintained? Are the links active?

WHERE is the information coming from?

  • Accuracy – Is the information backed by research? Are there references or bibliographies?

WHY is the information on the Web?

  • Motivation – What is the purpose of the site or the author

The purpose of a Website usually falls into the following categories:

  • To persuade (advocacy)
  • To inform (to report research; to provide information)
  • To sell (advertising or company Websites)
  • To entertain or to provide personal information

From the Irvine Valley College Library Evaluating Source guide

Find more information on evaluating resources for your paper by using the link below.