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ENGL 100 Rho/Rosen

This guide provides helpful tips for using the library to complete your ENGL103 assignment.

Hanging Indent Shortcuts

Resources for MLA citation format

Love: The Diary Entry by August Muller

Remember, many databases have a citation formatting tool. The most important idea to keep in mind when you use a citation generator from a database is that you still need to check it against MLA format. Here's how to access the Cite tool in EBSCOhost.

1. Click on the article title to get to the Detailed Record.

Screenshot of The Mental Lives of Zombies







2. On the Detailed Record page on the right side of the page, use Cite under Tools.

Screenshot of Cite tool in EBSCOhost











3. Scroll down to MLA and copy the citation. You can paste it in a Word document for your Works Cited page.

Screenshot of MLA citation from EBSCOhostRemember, you must ALWAYS check the information in the citation. Don't just rely on the tool to be correct. You can use one of the MLA citation sites below.