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Fullerton College Library

Ethnic Studies 101: Gonzalez/Ream Spring 2018

A course guide designed to assist students enrolled in Prof. Gonzalez' ETHS 101 course during Spring 2018.

Ethnic Studies 101 In-Class Activity

Use the Google form below to complete the following activity. 

Your group has been given the task of finding academic resources that relate to the Ethnic Studies 101 research topics selected for you by Prof. Gonzales. You will be broken up into 4 groups and given 1 of the topics below:

1) The “Manong” Generation & Filipino union organizers: Larry Itliong, Phillip Vera Cruz…

2) Women of the UFW: Helen Chavez, Dolores Huerta, Jessica Govea, etc.

3) The life and activism of Cesar Chavez

4) Farm workers, environmental justice & reproductive justice

Next, your group will brainstorm keywords that are related to your research topic. Keywords are specific terms having to do with your topic. So, "migrant labor" is a keyword, and so is "environmental justice" and "labor union" 

Once you have a list of all your keywords, your group can start to research. Pair your keywords with Boolean language (AND, OR, NOT) to find the most relevant results that you can (see example from Question #3 for clarification).

Finally, try to find one reputable Internet source using the Websites and Primary Materials page from this online guide, or by searching Google. By the end of this activity, you should have located 4 sources related to your topic and posted them to the Google form below.

If you get stuck, I will be walking around to help students. Please raise your hand and I will provide assistance.