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Fullerton College Library

Ethnic Studies 101: Gonzalez/Ream Spring 2018

A course guide designed to assist students enrolled in Prof. Gonzalez' ETHS 101 course during Spring 2018.

Finding Background Information

Before you search for in-depth information on a particular topic, it is a good idea to first locate background information using reference resources. Encyclopedias, almanacs and dictionaries are just a few of the numerous reference resources available on the 1st Floor of the Library. Students and faculty also have access to a wide variety of online reference materials through our database collection. 

This page contains just a few examples of the thousands of print and online reference resources available through the FC Library. Please consult a librarian to locate further materials on your topic. 

Online Reference Materials

Reference Materials (Hot Topics Series)

The FC Library has a series of books categorized as Hot Topics. They contain helpful introductions to current events and controversial issues that are often discussed in the news.  These books are available 

Hot Topics books are available for 2-day checkout on the 1st Floor of the Library next to the Reference Desk. Below are some examples from the series:

Reference Materials (Hispanic American, Latino/Latina Topics)

Reference Materials (African American Topics)