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Fullerton College Library

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Printing On Campus

Printing on Campus

Fullerton College has a Cloud Printing Kiosk for the students to print a document from home and come to the campus and pick it up 24/7 right in front of building 200.
Here are the steps to use it. Clickable links are available in the document at the end of this page.

1) From off campus:
a. Login to using the 8 digits student ID and myGateway password
b. Upload the file in the supported formats: .pdf, .doc(x), .xls(x), .ppt(x), .txt, .html, .rtf, .jpg, .gif, .png, .tif, .bmp (password protected documents cannot be processedi). Uploaded files are stored in cloud account for 8 days, and hey will be deleted automatically after 8 days.
c. All new students are furnished with $5.00 balance to get started with free printing. Each page cost is $0.10 for B&W and $0.90 for color. The student can add fund to their balance from home using a credit card.

2) Come on campus, and go to the Kiosk in front of building 200:
a. Login to the Kiosk with the 8 digits student ID and myGateway password using the touch screen
b. Select File Location
c. Select the file to print.
d. Select the appropriate B&W or color mode.
e. Select Single-Sided or Double-Sided.
f. Click on + or – for number of copies
g. If desire double-click on document to select page to print within document
h. Click on print and “Done”.
i. Pick up the print outs on the slot on the bottom of the Kiosk.

If the students have problem, they can contact our ACT Help Desk to report problems or get a refund. Or they can also contact 1-877-494-0222 or for help.

Additional ways to use the ePRINTit system are:
A. Store your document on a USB Device (memory stick/thumb drive) and take it to a print Kiosk.
B. Upload a print job to your ePRINTit cloud account via the print driver. This driver is available to download for Windows or Mac when login to
C. Use the ePRINTit smartphone app, available in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Then upload your document after login to the fullcoll organization.
A generic pictorial user guide for this service is at:

i •The file name must be 5 characters or longer, and the following characters are not allowed in file names: " (quotes) ' (single quotes) * / \ : ? < > | & # % [ ] ( ) + ~ $
• Periods (.) are also not allowed except for the single period right before the file extension.
ii For security purposes, we removed the credit card reader on the campus Kiosk