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Fullerton College Library

Dia De Los Muertos Interactive Resource Guide 2021: Database Research

Why Databases?

MLA and Other Citation Resources

Consider the following list of resources when putting together your citations and Works Cited page:

  1. Most articles found in databases will have a cite tool that may already have an MLA citation for you. Be careful though—they have it mostly right, most of the time, but not always.  Double check carefully.
  2. Check out Fullerton College's MLA Reference Quick Guide
  3. Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) has extensive information on MLA. Google terms: purdue, owl, MLA.
  4. MLA Handbook:  ISBN 978-1603292627
  5. NoodleTools is a premium citation generator that arranges, saves, and even coaches you with rules, tips and warnings as you are plugging in citations. One-time registration is required. Can be found under N in the Database Index. Click on the file link below for step-by-step instructions.

Recommended Databases for Día De Los Muertos Research

OneSearch: One Database to Rule Them All

One Search: This all-in-one library search engine helps students discover print books, e-books, magazines, journal articles and websites found across the databases, the library catalog and the internet. 

To get there: It can be easily found on the library home page. Scroll down to the multi-tabbed widget and click on the OneSearch tab to get you started.

One Search widget on home page screen capture

We recommend the Research Starter to get broad background / general information across many topics. 

Research Starter OneSearch screen capture

Please note that OneSearch will give you a little of everything. If this works for you great. But if you'd like to search a little deeper, going into the individual databases and trying your searches there may be more helpful. 

Accessing Our Databases

Remember to always access the databases through the FC web portals only.

There are three ways to access our databases:

1.) Through the Library and EZ Proxy when off-campus: 

Database location screen capture image.




When you are off-campus, the databases will ask you for you student ID and your password.


2.) Access library resources through myGateway by clicking the Fullerton tab on the left. Scroll down to the Fullerton College Library box on the right to directly access the databases you need. 

myGateway screen capture image

3.) Through Canvas.
Log in to Canvas and open any course, then click on the Fullerton College Library link on the left.

This will lead you to our library website within the Canvas viewing pane. 

If none of these methods are working, please let the librarians know in the chat window on the library homepage, or through e-mail at as soon as possible so we can get you access.

Quick Tips when using EBSCOhost

Interrupted Session:

EBSCO database error message graphic

If you get this screen while using EBSCOhost databases, you may need to return to the database access starting point, usually the library web site, to regain access. EBSCOhost times out when the database has been left idle for a while (although sometimes it resets for no reason at all). 

"Hover Bubble": Instead of clicking open articles and other sources, and then reading them only to realize they may not help your research much, you can hover your mouse arrow over the magnifying glass icon

magnifying glass icon



to enable a preview of the source as a pop up comic bubble:

abstract preview bubble image