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Scholarly, popular, and trade characteristics chart

Table showing characteristics of popular, scholarly, and trade publications
  Popular Magazines Scholarly Journals Trade Publications
  Cover of Entertainment Weekly Cover Critical Studies in Television Cover of Variety
Audience Written for a general audience using non-technical language Written for a specific audience using jargon of the field Written for people who work in a specific field
Authorship Authors may be staff writers or freelancers Authors are experts or scholars in the field and often have a university affiliation Authors may be professionals who work in the field
Purpose To provide general information, opinion, or entertainment, typically broad-based To report original research or thought, typically on a specific academic topic To keep members of a profession up-to-date with new research, products, and issues related to a specific field
Appearance Colorful with many pictures and ads Few images or ads, but may contain graphs or charts Colorful with images and advertising relating to the field
Length Articles are often short Articles are often lengthy Articles of varying lengths, but usually short
Authority Articles may be evaluated by editors, but not experts in the field Articles are usually reviewed and evaluated by a panel of experts in the field (peer-reviewed) Articles are evaluated by editors on staff
References Articles rarely have a Works Cited page Articles include Works Cited or list of References Articles rarely have a Works Cited page