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Fullerton College Library

ENGL 100/101/103/201 Rosen

How to limit results

Because OneSearch is such a powerful tool, you may find the number of results overwhelming. Here are a few tips to limit your results.

Phrase searching: If you are searching for a phrase, enclose the works in double quotation marks. Some examples are "climate change" or "gender identity" or "glass ceiling"

Subject searching: Check to see if the term(s) you are using is a subject. Subjects are listed beneath the citation information on the results list. Use the Select a Field dropdown for SU Subject Terms and search again.

Add another term to your search: Add another limiting term to your term and search again.

Add a date range: Use the date limiter on the left side of the results to limit to a set date range.

Limit to a source type: Use the source limiter on the left side of the results to limit to a specific type of source such as academic journals, books, e-books, and more. Run your search again.

These are just a few ideas for limiting your search. Remember, if you are still overwhelmed, ask a librarian!