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Fullerton College Library

Electronic Reserves

Electronic reserves policies and procedures at the Fullerton College Library

What are e-reserves?

Electronic reserves, or e-reserves, are course readings that are made available electronically by scanning the print version and uploading the files to Canvas. The service is used for posting materials such as assigned readings, book/e-book chapters, syllabi, and solutions to problems. All e-reserve requests are limited to print materials currently available in the FC Library. 

Why use e-reserves?

  1. Convenient, free access to course materials for students
  2. E-reserves allow for simultaneous use of the text
  3. E-reserves integrate with Canvas, and provide a password protected platform in compliance with copyright law

The e-reserves process

  1. An FC faculty member searches the Library Catalog for the print material that they would like scanned and placed on e-reserve. Requests are limited to 1 chapter or 10% of the total work. 
  2. An FC faculty member submits an E-reserve request form
  3. The faculty request is reviewed by the Circulation Department for completeness and adherence to copyright law. The request is either accepted, or sent back to the faculty member with recommendations. 
  4. The Circulation Department will email the faculty member with a direct link to the uploaded item. This link can be embedded in their Canvas course. 
  5. The link will expire at the end of the course. 

Faculty guidelines

  • E-reserves request are processed in order of receipt. Please allow for at least 1 week minimum for your request to be fully processed.
  • Faculty can request scans of print materials from Library reserve and circulating collections. Scan requests are limited to a small section (typically a chapter or 10% of the total work) of the material and are based on Fair Use requirement of U.S. Copyright law. Larger scan requests require written verification of full copyright access.
  • E-reserves are not permanent. Each new section/semester will require a new request. Incomplete forms may result in a delay in processing.
  • The Library reserves the right to deny e-reserves requests due to copyright compliance concerns, digital storage limitations, and other potential issues as they arise. 
  • If the Library subscribes to the electronic version (such as an article from a Library database, or an e-book) of the materials being submitted for e-reserve, the Library will provide a link that will give students access using their MyGateway credentials.
  • The documents stored in the e-reserves database are protected under Copyright Laws of the United States (Title 17 U.S. Code) governing the making of photocopies of copyrighted material.

E-reserves FAQ