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Fullerton College Library

Electronic Reserves

Electronic reserves policies and procedures at the Fullerton College Library

What are e-reserves?

Electronic reserves, or e-reserves, are course reserve readings that are made accessible electronically, either by linking to existing digital versions of the content or by scanning print materials and making them accessible as PDF files. The service is used for posting materials such as assigned readings, book/e-book chapters, syllabi, and solutions to problems. Items are accessed through a secure, password-protected link embedded within an instructor's Canvas course.

Why use e-reserves?

As you move your class online, keep in mind that sometimes copyright law does not allow books or documents to be distributed widely without a proper license. This means that if you upload documents, book chapters, or eBooks that are not licensed under Creative Commons licenses, you may not be doing it legally. Using the library’s e-reserve system can help you keep your class materials in copyright compliance by:

1.            Keeping track of copyright licenses you may have purchased

2.            Limiting the distribution of your documents through password protection

3.            Providing proper copyright notices on all distributed materials

4.            Allowing for simultaneous use

5.            E-reserves integrate with Canvas and allows you to track how often the resource is being used

The e-reserves process

  1. An FC faculty member submits an E-reserve request form
  2. The faculty request is reviewed by the FC Library for completeness and adherence to copyright law. The request is either accepted, or sent back to the faculty member with recommendations. 
  3. The e-reserve materials are uploaded to the Library's e-reserve website. Materials are arranged according to course, instructor, and section number.
  4. The FC Library will email the faculty member with a direct link to the uploaded item. This link can be embedded in their Canvas course. The faculty member will also receive a password. It is the faculty member's responsibility to distribute the password to the students in their class.

Faculty guidelines

  • If the Library subscribes to the electronic version (such as an article from a Library database, or an e-book) of the materials being submitted for e-reserve, the Library will provide a link that will give students access using their MyGateway credentials.
  • If the Library does not subscribe to the item being submitted for e-reserve, it is expected that the instructor will provide a PDF version.
  • Faculty can request scans of print materials from Library reserve and circulating collections. Scan requests are limited to a small section (typically a chapter or 15% of the total work) of the material and are based on Fair Use requirement of U.S. Copyright law. Larger scan requests require written verification of full copyright access.
  • E-reserves are not permanent. Each new section/semester will require a new request. Incomplete forms may result in a delay in processing.
  • E-reserves request are processed in order of receipt. Please allow for at least 1 week minimum for your request to be fully processed. During the campus closure, Library staff has limited access to campus facilities and resources, so please remain patient with all requests.
  • The Library reserves the right to deny e-reserves requests due to copyright compliance concerns, digital storage limitations, and other potential issues as they arise. 
  • The documents stored in the e-reserves database are protected under Copyright Laws of the United States (Title 17 U.S. Code) governing the making of photocopies of copyrighted material.
  • It is the instructor's responsibility to secure permission to use material if it is so needed. For more information about copyright and course reserves, please see the Library's Reserve Procedures page. 

Filling out the form

Your Name
Enter your first and last name as it appears to your students in Canvas.

Your Email
Please use your Fullerton College email address.

Course Number
The name of your course as it appears in the current Fullerton College Class Schedule. Example: ENGL 222 F.

Course Name (optional)
Could be used to provide more information about the course. Example: American Literature from the Civil War to the Present.

Search for your name, or create a new entry if this is your first time using the FC e-reserves.system. Enter your first and last name as it appears to your students in Canvas.

Select the semester where you will be using the submitted item. 

Description (optional)
Any additional information about the course can be entered here.

This should be left blank. You will create a password for the item in the next section

Enter the number of students enrolled in your course. 

This is what you wish to call the item. A convention we have used in the past is the primary author's last name followed by the first several words of the article title or book chapter, separated by a hyphen.

Description (optional)
This is optional. Could be used to provide a description of the item, additional information about the item, or other instructions.

Create a password for the item that you will be submitting (or requesting to be scanned). Please use a combination of letters and numbers/special characters. 

URL (optional)
If your item is a web page or other online document instead of a file, paste the URL into this field (i.e., you will not use both a URL and an attached file). If the URL is from an article database or e-book collection, please consult with FC librarians for the proper URL format to ensure that your students will be able to access the online material.

File Attachment (optional)
Choose a file from your local computer to upload it. At this time, you can only upload one file at a time. PDF is the preferred file type. 

Additional Info / Instructions (optional)
Use this field to inform the Library which chapter(s) of a print book you would like scanned, or any other pertinent information. 

Folder (optional) 
If you wish to organize items in folders, add a folder using this dropdown (once a folder has been added, it will be available for subsequently added items in this course). If you do not wish to use folders, leave this at the default: "Do not assign..."

Start Visibility and End Visibility (optional)
Items inherit the course's visibility dates; if for some reason you want an item to only appear during a portion of the course dates, enter those custom dates here.  

Select the type of content you are linking to or uploading. Additional fields will appear based on your selection. Please fill out all fields to the best of your ability. 

E-reserves FAQ