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Fullerton College Library

Intro to LAN School

A guide designed to assist Fullerton College Librarians with using LANSchool to enhance their instruction sessions.

What is LANSchool?

LanSchool is a commercially produced and easy-to-use software solution for teaching and training using networked PCs.  It helps instructors manage multiple student PCs in electronic classrooms from the instructor console and allows for better instructional interaction.

LanSchool creates a computer lab environment where teaching and learning really take place. LanSchool gives control to teachers by allowing them to remove distractions, demonstrate skills, and monitor student activity.

LanSchool empowers teachers, librarians, and professors by providing 3 simple, yet powerful capabilities:

REMOVE DISTRACTIONS by blanking out student screens or disabling web browsing
DEMONSTRATE SKILLS by broadcasting your PC view to all student screens
MONITOR ACTIVITY with thumbnail views of each student screen

LANSchool Shortcuts

Ctrl + Alt + l 

--opens up LAN School mini control panel in system tray