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Fullerton College Library

Fullerton College Library LibGuides Style Guide

Guide standards, reusable content, and style guide.

Best Practices for Guides

General Guide Requirements

  1. Place contact information on first page of guide.
  2. Use a friendly URL. (Use an underscore for multiple word URLs, e.g. women's_studies or ENGL_100_Doe)
  3. Provide a brief description under guide title.
  4. Use appropriate subject heading tags.
  5. Use default fonts only.
  6. Use side navigation.
  7. Organize pages using descriptive titles. (Name pages by content type, e.g. "Government Resources" rather than "Websites."
  8. Use active verbs.
  9. Set links to "Open in New Window".
  10. Create assets rather than inserting links. (Assets can be used across all guides, so if a link changes, you only need to change the asset once, and it will update across guides. Also, assets are part of the link checker. Individual links are not.)
  11. Use hover text for assets embedded in guides.