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Print Books re: Gothicism

Military History

Additional info regarding the subject area: DG Italy — Malta:

The most popular circulating print books in this section of over two hundred print books address: 1) The lives of the ancient Romans; 2) Pompeii; 3) The forum in Rome; 4) Saint Peter’s Basilica; 5) The enemies of Rome; 6) Contemporary Roman life; 7) Julius Caesar; 8) Hannibal; 9) Augustus; 10) Nero; 11) The Fall of Rome; 12) Constantine; 13) The Italian Renaissance; 14) Machiavelli; and 15) The Medici – and are also inclusive of general books regarding Rome. Among these, the most well-used books consider: 1) Julius Caesar and 2) Daily life in Ancient Rome.

Circulation of the print books in the Italy – Malta subject area was at thirteen percent at the time of the collection evaluation.

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