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Banned Books 2022 @ Fullerton College

A research guide about the 2022 Banned Books celebration at Fullerton College

Banned Latina/o/x/e Authors and Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is a month-long celebration of the contributions, achievements, accomplishments, and of course, the culture of Latina/o/x/es in the U.S. and beyond. The celebration takes place yearly from September 15-October 15.  Banned Books week takes place within this period, from September 18- 24. In conjunction with Fullerton College's Cadena Cultural Center, we bring you a list of Latina/o/x/es authors who have had the added challenge of having their written works banned, censored, and/or challenged.  All e-books are available immediately* and all print books are available using normal checkout procedures at the library. We encourage all FC students to read and celebrate.  

Follow the Cadena Cultural Center's Instagram for the current book Latina/o/x/e highlights titled "Reclaiming Our Titles" for 2022 Banned Books Week. 

Author List of e-Books

Registration and login for access to EBSCOhost eBooks platform may be required for certain e-books. Some e-books may not be available if they are currently in use by another user. Ask a librarian in the chat of the FC Library homepage, or in-person at the reference desk for more assistance. 

Author List of Print Books