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Research 101: Citing Sources

Getting Started With Research at Fullerton College Library

Citing Sources

If you are required to use five sources in your research paper, then your paper needs to include quotes or paraphrases from each of the five sources, giving credit to those sources with a list of citations. Depending on your class, you may be asked to format your paper using the MLA, APA, or some other citation style. In this section, you will find short citation guides for MLA and APA with examples for the most common source types. If you are required to use another style, such as Chicago or ACS, a list of those style manuals follows. Fullerton College also subscribes to a citation management tool called NoodleTools, which will import citations from most of our databases that you can then export into a formatted Works Cited or References page. Look for the "Using NoodleTools" page for more on how to export citations from our databases and other useful NoodleTools features. 

Citation Manuals

Citation Management Tools