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Information Literacy and "Fake News"

Fake news is a hot topic and a big problem! What can you do to help stop spreading false information? Find out how to evaluate news and news sources.


Welcome to the library guide on "Information Literacy and 'Fake News'"

Newspapers and social media

This guide will help you recognize and evaluate information sources, particularly dubious articles that may be "fake news". 

Keep in mind that the term, "fake news", is controversial. The Collins English Dictionary defines it as "false, often sensational, information disseminated under the guise of news reporting". However, many information professionals in journalism, library science and other fields believe that this definition is too narrow. The definition above does not take into account other important factors including the differences between types of content, purpose, and means of dissemination. This guide provides some information and resources that will help you start to get an understanding of the problem and give you tools to recognize misinformation.