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OER: Open Educational Resources: Welcome

This guide on OER (Open Educational Resources) is designed to give FC faculty some basic information that will encourage the adoption and implementation of OER in their courses.



The Academic Senate for Community Colleges Open Educational Resources Initiative has consolidated Open Educational Resources (OER) and Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) on the ASCCC OERI page.

Course Schedule



Attribute Course Type Definition  
Low Textbook Cost ;
Price <$40
this class has a Low Textbook Cost. The total cost of required textbook for this course is no more than $40.
Zero Textbook Cost ; ZTC ;
this class is a Zero Textbook Cost course. The total cost of required textbooks for this course is $0  

OER Liaison Newsletter

Guided Pathways

Zero Cost Textbook & Low Cost Textbook Courses/Programs

To advance Pillar 3, Fullerton College created the Zero Cost Textbook and Low Cost Textbook Courses and Programs.

  • Guided Pathways is leading the collaboration with Faculty Senate Open Education Resources (OER) workgroup to oversee the ZTC Program grant
  • The grant is designed to encourage colleges to identify/create programs that are ZTC.
  • The Guided Pathways Office is leading the ZTC Acceleration grant. This grant is designed to develop ZTC programs that are shareable with other California community colleges.