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OER: Open Educational Resources: What is OER?

This guide on OER (Open Educational Resources) is designed to give FC faculty some basic information that will encourage the adoption and implementation of OER in their courses.

What is OER?

OER are resources that:

  • Reside in the public domain or under a license that allows free use and repurposing, such as a Creative Commons license
  • Includes resources that are legally available and free to students
  • Include, but are not limited to, full courses, course materials, modules, textbooks, faculty-created content, streaming videos, tests, and software

What is OER?   (Video: CC BY 4.0 Music: The Zeppelin by Blue Dot Sessions: CC BY NC 4.0)

ZTC = Zero Textbook Cost

In order for a section to be designated as a "ZTC" Zero-Textbook-Cost class it must fulfill one of these requirements:

1. All required TEXTBOOKS and readings for the class can be accessed online by students for free (ex: OER textbooks, library ebooks).

2. There are no required textbooks for the class (textbooks might be recommended, but not required).

Other considerations:

  • Lab materials or required supplies are not considered a textbook cost, so if a course section meets the parameters noted above, but do require a materials fee – then the section WOULD qualify as a ZTC class. 
  • If students need to pay fees to access a software platform to do coursework or homework, this counts as a textbook cost.  The course section would NOT qualify.