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Research 101: Searching Google

Getting Started With Research at Fullerton College Library

Google Search Tips



Google Search Tips


Narrow your results with these Google search commands:

Google Command Will limit your search to:

the specified site or domain

site:gov will only retrieve .gov sites will only retrieve pages


the specified filetype

filetype:pdf will only retrieve pdf documents

"phrase searching"

pages with the exact phrase

"I investigate things" will find pages with those words in that order, pulling up the quote "I investigate things to complete my knowledge" from the show Life

(word OR synonym)

pages with either the first or second word/phrase between the parentheses

("mental health" OR "mental hygiene") will find pages that mention either "mental health" or "mental hygiene" or both.

Note: OR must be in caps



public opinion


pages with the type of information you specify

[ air pollution statistics ] will bring to the top pages with statistical data

Google Power Search Game

Learn While You Play!

Learn and practice applying 5 Google search tips with this short game.


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