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OER: Open Educational Resources: Evaluating OER

This guide on OER (Open Educational Resources) is designed to give FC faculty some basic information that will encourage the adoption and implementation of OER in their courses.

Evaluating OER

OER Evaluation Process

Think about the criteria you use for selecting any material for your course such as coverage, level, and accessibility. In addition, you can compare and incorporate the criteria from the sources listed below. 

OER Evaluation Rubrics

Achieve, a nonprofit, non-partisan, independent education reform organization has established OER evaluation standards. 

  • Degree of Alignment to Standards
  • Quality of Explanation of the Subject Matter
  • Utility of Materials Designed to Support Teaching
  • Quality of Assessment
  • Quality of Technological Interactivity
  • Quality of Instructional and Practice Exercises
  • Opportunities for Deeper Learning
  • Assurance of Accessibility